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Helping pharmaceuticals view eCTD applications and sequences in an easy to use, user-friendly, and efficient way.

Viewing eCTD dossiers in a modern style.

Helping pharmaceuticals view everything of eCTD.

ECTDERA is tremendously proud to announce that we have eCTD experts joined who have been focusing on eCTD Specifications, Regulations, Software Solutions, and Services for Life Sciences over the last 12 years.

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and eCTD specifications focus will absolutely be an asset to your business.

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Features Highlights

Viewing eCTD Applications

WuKong™ eCTD Viewer supports cumulative versions of eCTD specifications for all regions, including US, EU, JP, AU, CA, CH, GCC, JO, TH and ZA.

Multiple File Formats

Browses various file formats identified by the eCTD specifications, including PDF files, XFA Forms, XML files, Office Word, Office Excel and etc.


Various eCTD reports to facilitate users to view the summarized eCTD information. Such as Administrative Information, Regulatory Activities, Studies, Lifecycle and etc.

In-progress Sequence

Adds a sequence dynamically to the current loaded eCTD application to build a cumulative view that is especially for viewing an in-progress sequence.

Filters for specific content

Users could filter the content they want to view.

Multiple Languages

Switches languages between English and Chinese.

Multiple Views

Multiple Views provide users different perspectives for viewing eCTD structures and data including Leaf Lifecycle, Studies and etc.

Quick Search

With Quick Search, it’s convenient for users to locate documents that they need more quickly.

Customized Appearances

Integrated with customized UI styles to meet users’ preferences.